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Rapper Jays Ambition Speaks From The Heart

Updated: May 25, 2020

Jays Ambition is a 24 year old Rapper that has written lyrics for 10 years strong now. Writing has been his healer and let us tell you he has an absolute heart touching effect when he releases his lyrical skills to the public.

Writing lyrics has helped Jays Ambition learn and grow to the talented musician he is now. From this he has founded a movement called Inspirational Pain spreading a message. Whats the message you may ask, well its that everybody can relate to pain & believes that is where the strongest forms of inspiration stems from which we definitely agree with.

When Jays Ambition was 14 he was in his first music collective called Making Moves which you can find an old clip on YouTube of him performing he first started in the music industry. Just click on Making Moves & it will send you to the video. Jays Ambition was young at the time and after that era life got in the way of music. He done a few shows but as soon as he turned 17, he pushed himself independently and has done since.

Jays Ambition has achieved quite a lot in the music industry, he was aired on BBC radio numerous times, interacting showcasing his skills on Instagram lives with established Music Artist that Jays Ambition himself would listen to such as Benny Banks, Mic Righteous and K Koke.

He won't stop until he is noticed and we know even if he is noticed globally, he wont stop as he has a true passion for music. He is currently working on a album called Inspirational Pain followed by another Ep. He has plans for a storytelling visual to release end of 2020 & from next year he is going to work on getting more visuals released & get back into performing live.

Follow Jays Ambition on his gifted lyrical journey.

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Jays Ambition