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Ambitious Actress Deborah Lee Fong

Deborah Lee Fong is an actress, that is not playing games in the film industry. She is truly hardworking, talented & ambitious. She loves reading, has an additional talent for dancing & has great plans set of never wanting to quit performing.

We know Deborah Lee Fong best for, her acting character 'Agnes' who is portrayed as a sweet, loving mother figure in an office in the production of 'Secret Santa' during the live screen play readings at the huge Urban World Film Festival who's founding partner is HBO.

She has also been involved in 'Footsteps 2', 'You and your decisions', 'PBS's Footsteps' along with other credits in the film/national theatre production.

Deborah Lee Fong has worked & loves working with young people, built a long journey in the acting field and has created opportunities for others as well as herself.

She went to a high school performing arts school and continued her growth through to college and has never stopped. Her strongest skills is theatre and performing and has a great passion for it.

She has appeared on 'The Donna Drake Show' Presented by Donna Drake, 'Vigilantes Radio' hosted by Demetrius Reynolds and many more. Instagram: @deborahleefong Facebook: Deborah Lee Fong

Deborah Lee Fong