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Amazing Album, Nothing But Talent.

The team and I just listened to an album and let us tell you, ladies & gentlemen, we are not normally a fan of country music but this album blew our minds. The album we listened to is called 'Family & Friends' created by Country & Gospel Musician Tommy Botz coming straight out of Cleveland, Ohio. The 'Family And Friends' album is an amazing album and nothing but talent speaks out.

'Mama - a mother's love' is one of the songs on the album and it tells you a story, keeping you engaged with a soothing sound.

'He's coming Back' is about Jesus and is a jolly, uplifting song. We loved the variety of instruments used in this and we can definitely hear this being played at churches, conventions and meetings. We also love the solo guitar play in the song, fabulous.

'Teddy Bear' is a more slower song to just listen and take it in, whilst 'Train Of Glory' we got a unity feeling out of it that will bring everyone together no matter the race, gender or background. It also gets you on your feet.

'Maggie' stood right out 10 seconds in, once again a story telling song that you can dance to or sit, close your eyes and vision. We hope Maggie accepts your apology.

Our favourite 3 in order is definitely 'Maggie', 'Mothers Love' and 'He's Coming Back'.

Check out the album here: ReverbNation

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Tommy Botz